Welcome on the TPDO ARK servers website.

Before starting to play, please read the Rules and Server info page.

A Discord server is available for the players. To access it simply click on the “Connect” button of the Discord Widget on the right side of the website.
If you wish a private channel for your tribe feel free to ask me.

In case of problems or troubles with other players do not hesitate to contact me in game, on discord or via email at contact@tpdo.fr.

Enjoy you game !

Config update #4

The server configuration has been update :

  • Players structures will now decay after 30 days of innactivity instead of 7.
  • Dinos will no longer be claimable after 7 days of innactivity.

Config update #1

The server configuration has been update :

  • Difficutly offset changed to 0.429 ( Lvl 60 max Dino and 200% Loot scale)
  • Mating interval decreased  to 20%
  • Egg Hatch speed x10
  • Baby Mature Speed x10
  • Baby food consumption speed x10
  • Friendly fire is now disabled

For more information refer to the Server configuration page of the wiki.